Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done for your business?

Are there task in your business that you are not good at doing or just don't like doing?

We love helping small business owners with all of the daily task that it takes to run a small business.  Helping with some of those time consuming task is what we like to help business owners with. 

Some of the items we can help with is:

  • Social Media (setting up accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Social Media post creation with hashtags
  • Zoom events: Set up , Post creation, Tracking, Follow-up
  • Power Point and Canva presentations
  • Portfolio creation
  • Workbook creation
  • Marketing materials
  • Admin task
  • Schedule management
  • Marketing assistance
  • Database maintance
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Verbal translation-Spanish
  • Transcription
  • HR assistance
  • Help with your current Invoice and Payroll processing

True Testimonials

Gulnara Asgarova

Maxine helped me with tasks I didn't want to spend time on. She created images to promote my work on social media platforms, created google forms, images for my posts, and even made a presentation for one of my workshops. As stress management and mindset coach, I teach my clients to delegate some of their work to minimize being overwhelmed. I promise you will love the fact that Maxine is on your side with a great work ethic and passion for helping you to tackle small tasks.

Richard Fuqua

Maxine is the epitome of professionalism, creativity and follow thru. From Zoom backgrounds to webposts, I enthusiastically recommend The Inbox Chic and its owner, Maxine!

Mogul Mindset

We have worked with Maxine for several months and she is very professional and hard working. There is not a task she could not handle. Maxine had to manage other people on our team and she did it with grace, even when some gave her a little trouble. I would recommend working with her if you get a chance and you will not be disappointed.

Angie Snowball-Thompson

I've worked with Maxine for several months now and I am so impressed. She is incredibly organized, creative and very talented in Canva, Facebook and other tools. I can't think of anyone I would trust more with my administrative support than her. She is my go-to for any technical question with social media. Check out her services, she can help with everything!